Jeep jk re gear special 1350 front and rear! Or 1500 front and rear with programmer!
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So with opening the shop we decided our first build would be to make a crawler. We just wanted to find an okay Jeep YJ for cheap because it was basically all getting tossed. What we started with is a 93, 6 cylinder, auto. Our plans for it, for now, are keeping the engine, transmission, and transfer case. Hard top was terrible so we tossed it. Full doors, sold. Cage, sold. Tires and wheels, sold. Axles, one sold, other tossed. It had a 4 inch pro comp lift but tossed that as well. This is what it looked like the day we got it after the top and doors were taken off.




Our very first order was from of course Motobilt. Dan is by far the best person for YJ’s. His knowledge is something special, that’s for sure. What we got was their back half kit, 4 link kit, front 60 diff cover, rear 14 bolt cover, shock hoops, rear truss, tabs for everything and fuel cell.




Our next thing we had to do was take off the body to start cutting for the back half kit. We also had to fix parts of the frame as well as cut off basically every single bracket. Once we did that we had to figure out where the jeep went back on. So we put the body back on the frame and noticed we were around 2″ too long so then, back to more cutting. Looking back, it would have been cool to just leave it on the long side and just extend the body for a small stretch but that would have been tons more work so we skipped that.




More Parts showed up today. 40×12.5R17 Nitto Trail grapplers and Poison Spyder cage. We actually were going to build our own but with the shop being busy we just thought it would be better to get one already cut and notched and then we would just add to it. With the Motobilt kit we received, we have to tie in the rear coilovers to the cage. We also received there high clearance rear fenders. So, since the sport cages bolt there, those had to be shortened roughly 5 inches. From there, we plated the bottom and tied it into the frame. Which you will see a little later in this post.




In this picture, you can see their high clearance fenders in the back. We were suppose to cut the fenders on the outside way way up but decided to just get comp corners. We may have to cut those later but we will see. Oh and mounted the KMC Machete’s on the Nitto’s.





Here you can see where we tied the cage into where the rear coilovers are going to mount. I also tried to come up with something to tie the rear cage into the frame with being able to remove it if we ever wanted. I’m not too sure that will stick or what. I may just weld it directly to the frame since it already clamps up top. All I did here was take two tabs, cut off a old JK lower arm and put the 1 3/4 dom over it and welded it up.





Where we stand right now. On the cage up front we were going to do the standard V but decided to just go one bar and  we will put two braces on each side like how it is on the sides. We also added rub rails to both the sliders and comp corners. Welded them together and made it seamless.