Jeep jk re gear special 1350 front and rear! Or 1500 front and rear with programmer!
Call 951-254-7349 for more details.


  1. Where are you Located? We are located at 18442 Van Buren Riverside, Ca 92508
  2. When and where are your runs and events? We will update the page soon. Mostly we go to Johnson Valley, Ocotillo, Big Bear, Corral Canyon, Anza. Also do big trips to Rubicon, Moab, Dusy and so on.
  3. What are your hours? We are open 5/6 days a week. Closed on Wednesday’s and sometimes Sunday’s.
  4. Do you do custom builds? Yes. However custom builds take a little bit  longer versus putting on a lift or stuff like that.
  5. What’s your hourly rate? Call the shop at 951.254.7349
  6. Do you do Fab work? We do a lot of fab work but it depends really on what you need.
  7. Do you do gears, ball joints, gussets? Yes, all those can be done in a day. We recommend Chromoly’s at the same time but it’s up to you.
  8. Do you work on anything or just Jeep’s? Every off road vehicle we’ve worked on. We can even get you parts for your Daily Driving cars but I won’t touch those. However, there is a good guy 2 shops down you can see for car problems.
  9. Do you have  a showroom? No, we do not have that but we can get you any part you need for a better price then you can get anywhere. You can look at our dealer page to see what we offer. Even if it’s not there, we can I’m sure get it for you.
  10. When are you going wheelin next? When you invite us.